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Classic Rock


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Rich brings a sound to my station that connects with my listeners. It’s real and believable, no fake balls to the wall. Plus, Rich understands the inflections I need, no monotone here baby!
Brian Hall
Program Director
Asheville, NC
Wow! Can you believe that we are number one in Peoria, 12 plus? I have to thank you, Rich VanSlyke, the imaging is a BIG part of our success, and you’re doing great work. I love you! Not in a gay way, but you know what I mean.
Matt Bahan
Operations Manager
WIXO 105-7 The X
Peoria, IL
Thank you so much Rich!  You are HUGE reason Z93 does as well as it does in the ratings...believe me!

Stan Parman
Operations Manager
Saginaw, Michigan
“Our production and programming team is keyed in on connecting emotionally with our audience. Any time we can make someone laugh, cry or feel something we have brand bonding at level that transcends most other media. Rich Van Slyke is our secret weapon, don’t tell anybody!“
Scott Mahalick
Director of Programming
Alpha Broadcasting
Portland, Oregon
The sound of Classic Rock 102 with Rich aboard has changed the station in a very positive way....You were the best hire we made all year. I can't thank you enough for the reads Rich! And with the Classic Rock Production Vault stuff we sound 100 percent better!
Steve Driscoll
Program Director
KFZX Classic Rock 102
Odessa-Midland, Texas

I have worked with some great voice people over the years. By far the easiest and most fun to work with has been Rich Van Slyke. He has a warm, sincere delivery and gives THE best adlibs ever. Very versatile, quick to come up with off the wall liners. Truly a joy to work with.


Ken Murray
Operations Director
KTEX 106 Country
Bryan-College Station TX
Rich is a great voice talent.  We work together on commercial projects and news promos.  He's a versatile voice that I can count on for fun, light hearted spots and serious news topical promos.  Best of all, I like Rich's quick turnaround time!
Dennis Elsbury
WFTS-TV ABC Actions News
Tampa, FL
"I've been doing TV for 30 years.  Rich Van Slyke gives the BEST customer service of any voice over person I've ever worked with. Terrific."

Dave Baumann
Marketing Director
Stephen Arnold Music
"Rich is an unbelievable talent and complete professional. Your station will sound better having him on board."

James Howard
Program Director
DC101 & BIG 100.3
Washington DC
You are a very important piece to our #1 success. Thank you for all your hard work, quick turnaround and most of all, your outtakes! They are what make it to the air and completely give off the attitude we want and need to win! You nail it. The Max wouldn't be the Max without Rich Van Slyke!

Danni Bruns
Program Director