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Jingles from Rich VanSlyke

Commercial Jingles by Rich VanSlyke

When you advertise, you've got precious few seconds to captivate your potential customers and draw them into your message.

A solid, catchy tune is something proven to work with listener recall. Imagine someone you walk by on the street singing the name of your business or your phone number! Well.. it happens quite often.


People listen to the radio for entertainment and are very open to a musical message.


A clever Jingle makes a strong impression and builds name recognition.

Rich VanSlyke Produces Award Winning Jingles Everyday.

Rich VanSlyke has won over 25 awards for jingles and commercials including Atlanta Creative Director of the Year 3 times.

It's easy to change your voice-over copy, and with each new commercial, your jingle continues to brand your identity again and again! Before long, everyone in the market would have heard YOUR sound, and hum along with it each time they hear it!

Some of the Clients that have Jingles Produced by Rich VanSlyke:


The Philly Connection Restaurant chain.


Toyota Mall of Georgia


American Freedom Mortgage, Inc.


Jim Ellis Chevrolet Atlanta


Jim Ellis Volkswagen Atlanta


Mr. Sparky Inc.