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Rich Van Slyke

As a college kid in upstate New York, Rich had two dreams. To be a Production Director at a rock radio station, which he did at WCMF Rochester and WKLS Atlanta in the 90s.  And to be a voice over artist working out of his home studio, which he began in 2001.  Today, Rich is a voice guy on over 40 radio and TV stations including KUFX-FM San Francisco, KXAS-TV Dallas, 98.9 FM The Bone Atlanta, WBIG-FM BIG 100.3 Washington DC, WXYZ-TV Detroit, WTKK-FM News Talk 96.9 Boston, WRIT-FM Oldies 95.7 Milwaukee, KCFX-FM Kansas City, WGRD-FM Grand Rapids, KSEE-TV Fresno, WEGR Memphis, and more. 

He began at WKRT-AM in Cortland, N.Y. where Rich was a DJ while attending SUNY Cortland studying acting and broadcasting. From there he went home to Buffalo to work at WYRK, his first job as a Production Director. Then to Rochester at WCMF, and WKLS Atlanta, where he won 11 AIR awards including Best Creative Director 3 years in a row.  Rich has won several Radio And Production Magazine Awards, and is the only person to win both "Best Large Market Promo" and "Best Large Market Commercial" in the same year.  He's is a guitar player and jingle writer, and has produced 50 jingles for clients all over the country.  He's a published author and has written many articles on imaging and production for He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children.